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I called Fleetwood customer service, they emailed me a drawing of what I needed to do, I repaired it and moved on. I do not recall the make of the lock though. What I was considering was to cut the post that the door latches to, only if that post is screwed into the frame. We are scheduled to have the whole works replaced this month. My recliner footrest is stuck in the up position. Interesting update: last weekend, I sent an e-mail to Thor relaying my story of the broken lock. This article will explain how they operate and how you can avoid future problems. The complete description of the event and the solution process is on my blog (, but here's the short version: While on the way home from the FMCA convention in Indianapolis, at a gas stop, the outside door handle seemed unusually hard to open (it was always a little sticky--that should have been a clue), and then WHAM!--the handle sprang outwards, a small white plastic part went flying across the parking lot, and the door was thoroughly and stubbornly positioned in the closed position. I would call them and make sure that your two locks use the same key before I did anything else. I let it be and went inside for a good night's sleep before leaving for our trip in the morning. At one stop, the door wouldn't close, another RV'er tried to help and we finally got the door to close, he said it was the lock. The broken key can actually cause damage to the lock. What do I do? Actually was a fairly easy fix. Question: My key is locked in the MH all the windows are locked and my key fab will not unlock the door for me to get in. After reading all these posts I find it unbelievable that Trimark doesn't want to accept responsibility for their locks. As a general rule, the more luxury items and technical devices you have, the more opportunities there are for things to break or fail. If you think your assembly is repairable then I would suggest contacting your nearest Camping World Service Center and ask if they thiink it an be repaired, and of course for how much. If you can read the number that is sometimes on the outside of the lock, you can contact the manufacturer's customer service for a replacement. Answer: Your door should have a removable panel on the inside of the door lock mechanism. I am locked outside of my rv; how do I get inside to u lock& then fix the door? Put the inner and outer assemblies back in place, and replace the three screws. He had enough hand strength (which is to say, a lot) to force the top of the broken part forward to spring the catch! From there, I retrieved my keys, got my toolbox, and we were able to disassemble the handle from the inside. Don Bobbitt (author) from Ruskin Florida on April 19, 2018: Katherine - I was lucky enough to have left one of my windows open. You’ll need to know how to do that, as well as how to reactivate the system later. I spent the next fifteen minutes closing, locking, and unlocking the door. I have a fear of heights and ladders so it took me 2 hours before I finally braved the sliding window and ladder to free myself. Answer: Most RV windows are either slide-type or crank-type windows. The Thor rep said he'd call me back once he had a report from Dexter. My side entry door lock broke internally locking my wife inside. The lock is a Trimark 60-650. The outer door handle moves an internal lever that, in turn, pushes the internal locking lever to the open position. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters. Best of all, it is bullnosed, with a big ugly vertical exhaust stack. Had to ring for help. Success, I was able to gain access without any damage to the RV. I hope I never need it, but at least I now know where to drill. Happened to us last year. The pliers are used to bend the lever. Trimark, who apparently seals all aspects of there door lock mechanisms and does not sell any parts just mechanism sides (inside/outside) for more then the whole assembly is worth, doesn't tell you that the small lever comes off with the inside piece and is NOT fastened to the rod that it is controlling. And the sliding window frame could be taken to a glass shop for repair. Don Bobbitt (author) from Ruskin Florida on July 12, 2018: Cutting into your Rv frame is a little radical, it seems to me. I described my problem and, in less than 48 hours, had two very good suggestions. There is a sentry patrolling outside so get rid of him silently. To my way of thinking, this is a very serious defect. By I think I will give this off to my congressman to have this type of lock recalled if possible as they definitely are defective. If you remove the mounting screws, you should be able to push the panel aside far enough that you can manually turn the lock lever and open the door. Just passing it along. The diameter of the mortise is just over 3/4", and the depth of the latch is about 3/4". If I had the time, I would write a short book on "RV Repairs for On the Road". Got to wounder if the dealer has ever worked on or install a door lock and handle. Same issue with my RV, windows locked and door will not unlock. I am going to try this as the symptoms are the exact ones you described...thanks for the tip. Kristen Howe from Northeast Ohio on January 16, 2016: Don, great tips on how to get out of a jam, when you're stuck in your RV. 2) Remove Retainer Clip (H) from Valve Body Tube (K). ... Pont Neuf, blanche neige, and chateau rouge (I KNOW I've seen those words before!). At each additional stop and when I stopped for the night I still couldn't get the door open, so I just used the drivers door. puppy out the window and down a ladder. Then yu have a price to compare with a replacement. WillStarr from Phoenix, Arizona on June 20, 2015: Nice hub with great fix-it suggestions. Believe me, I know from experience; a broken window (neighbor with a lawn mower throwing rocks??) Hopefully with another better locking mechanism. The handle side works fine but the key will only go in about half way in the safety lock. I'm going to be reluctant to replace the door handle assembly with the same unit unless the defect has been corrected. It is concerning that so many have also had problems with the Trimark latch. You probably have helped others who were suffering from the exact same problem. I'm thankful that my 90 lb. They do storage door latches and may also do door latches. This might allow the RV's memory to reset and allow the window to be "unlocked.". We got out, locked the door, and spent the next hour wandering around and talking to other campers–just relaxing and clearing our heads. Thanks for starting this post, and please keep us informed of further developments. We continued on our trip using the passenger door to get my parents into the Cabin, which was a hardship for my Dad, as he was not as mobile as Mom and myself. Yes, it was an inconvenience, but I don't need another government agency involved in my day to day life. In the past, I have found a few of those who have hundreds of old, sometimes wrecked RV's and they salvage the parts for resale. Are you also thinking of changing your oil but afraid to get your hands dirty or that you don't have the technical know-how to get the job done? 21 minutes ago, said: Atlanta, but doing a slow-motion move to LaGrange, GA, I was 1/4 way through my trip when this happened. This is strictly my opinion and others can totally disagree. It is amazingly fun to drive and the fuel economy is a wonderful added bonus. Apparently it’s just completely stuck, she can’t move the handle bit or the latch thing (technical terms I’m sure!) I went to a local RV dealer/parts store and purchased a new door latch/lock but it was too small for the space made for the old lock. About 3 years ago we were in TN and left the motor home to check on our laundry at the wash house. An RV is an expensive thing to buy, and once sold, it depreciates literally every month. Note: the price of products will vary based on the quantity & any options you … My side entry door lock broke internally locking my wife inside. (A similar-looking unit has an identical warning.). What part of Texas are you in? Quality Products, Great Service and Best Value. Key locks might wear out as time goes by. Here’s how: Put the key in the ignition and turn it to on. If thy do sue the same key then get a small flashlight and look to see if there is anything jammed into the lock opening. This lever can be easily bent, causing it to miss the internal locking lever, which keeps the door locked. Otherwise, I'm going to have to figure out how to install a different make or model. Answer: Actually, my Bounder motorhome uses two different keys for these tow locks. I will be checking into other brand of lock/latch, and may also contact Fourwinds. Lady Tremaine's Room: This is where Lady Tremaine and Lucifer slept until Tremaine became a maid at the end of the third film and was forced to work in the King's Castle. The first is the latch for the handle that opens the door the other is the safety lock. I was thinking about cutting the post that the door clamps onto but I'm not sure how the post is attached to the frame. Then you could crawl into the window and open the door. I had this experience recently when preparing for a trip, and luckily, I took the time to tear into the lock assembly and discover the real problem.. Snow at the unit doors will not be moved and is the occupant’s responsibility. As you point out, it was not graceful, but better than the alternative.). I entered thru the cab door, and tried to open cabin door but not able to do so. For a while after the lock worked perfectly, but shortly after it got so bad that we didn't even need to use the key anymore. Many RV owners have experienced trouble with dysfunctional door lock mechanisms. If this doesn't work, then you should contact your RV's Customer Service people and get their advice on what to do. I was then able to tap the keeper back into retracted position to get the door open. ... After reading all these posts I find it unbelievable that Trimark doesn't want to accept responsibility for their locks. I was able to get a new pin and repaired the dead bolt. I got my pocket knife and was able to push the bolt back and got the door open. I then with a lot of help from other campers started drilling into the lock to see if I could pull back the broken latch. Son took off the plate cover to find the pin had snapped in two, not allowing the pull latch pull the pin back. We are seasonal campers in southern New Jersey. Everything seemed to be fine. LOTS of comments on line about this type of lock and now it is time to remove this hazard from our lives. So decided to wait till we returned home. LOL! The lock itself is not adequately lubricated or has jammed. There's nothing as frustrating as losing the key to your padlock. Always keep a spare set of keys in a safe place or with a friend or neighbor to avoid a situation in which you have to to get a padlock off without the key. Congrats on HOTD! Most items ship same day at the PPL RV Parts Superstore. I am having no luck with my door lock: trimark. To bounce a safe, you simply … He stated that he had received the e-mail and had immediately contacted the manufacturer of the door (Dexter Door, I think he said) who had incorporated the Trimark unit at issue. It was locked, again! Here is a huge list of over 800 awesome car name ideas, sorted by type of car, personality, color, and more to help you name your sweet set of wheels! My wife and I are members of the Lone Star Chapter of FMCA and would like for you to join us at one of our Rallies. Once home, I consulted other RV owners on the forum IRV2. Under the tree is the first supply crate, containing a Colt, some .45 ammo and health bags. This is a National Safety Hazard for thousands of motorhome and RV owners with these defective locks. Fortunately, there were no grandchildren or dogs inside, so I was just temporarily stranded at the fuel island. The Bullnose Mercedes is a real truck. I have an ongoing love affair with my VW Golf TDI. I had a similar problem with my car recently. The same key opens both locks. It locked me in! There needs to be a recall on all these locks that break and strand owners in or out of their motorhomes with pets and or grandchildren inside or out. Took the mechanism apart, opned the door and went to Charlotte RV in Port Charlotte Florida and was surprised to learn they had a box full of new replacements. I have a 2009 Four Winds Class C with the same model lock. Depending on the type of lock on the unit you may need different lock picking tools. I enjoyed your story. Installing a pocket door key lock in your home is a project you may need to deal with at some point in your life. Don Bobbitt (author) from Ruskin Florida on August 06, 2018: Irlene - The simplest thing to do is call a locksmith, of course. Lock your unit with a good quality lock. But that really doesn't solve the safety issue of a defective door latch unless one assumes that any fire will be courteous enough to break out somewhere other than between you and the exit. report. Don Bobbitt (author) from Ruskin Florida on August 25, 2018: Considering the fact that you have already read this article and the assumption that you have already trie my suggestions in the article, you really do not have many options. I was able to remove the inside plate then drill multiple holes in the casting around the broken keeper operating bar. Drill a hole through the lock cylinder through the guidance point. There was no stated basis for the conclusion, so I can't evaluate whether it's reasonable or not. Volume discount on many popular items. You might want to take a look HERE this is a Jan 2011 thread with info on how to drill the lock to open a Trimark lock. When I left for FL later, I stopped at a rest area and found I couldn't get my door open from the inside or outside. A locksmith is not cheap, but it is cheaper than the next option which is to either break one of the windows of your motorhome, or use a screwdriver and possibly wedge the interior lock lever to open. ... For a while I was toying with the idea of contacting NHTSA and asking them to conduct an investigation to determine if the issue warrants a recall. Ours is simply worn out after 10+ years of full time travel. The driver's area windows are usually slide-type windows with a latch for security. The exterior handle moves a lever that locks and unlocks the door. We have also had door latch problems. This past Saturday of Mother's Day weekend my 5 year old Grandson and I were locked inside our 2008 Damon 378 platinum edition motorhome due to a malfunction in theTrimark door lock. They will retrieve the correct code and send it to you. Interior door lock with the cover removed. At that point it was not very graceful. Every since I have left at least one window unlocked where I could get in and get the dog. I asked several different RV shops here in Florida how to get the small lever off? Another update: I got a reply from Trimark that said, among other things: "I believe it was just a random incident." Don - To me any website that deals with specific how-to information is a highly valuable resource that can save hours of time and much frustration. The door was now open! She then tried to get the door open from the inside but could not so she unlocked one of the larger windows and I crawled into the motor home and got some tools and took off the inside part of the lock. share. I have been able to fix a few things I thought I would have to just throw away from advice on the various forums. Everyone should have these in their motor home and knowing where they are and checking them frequently to ensure proper operation should help put them in the front of your mind if there is ever a fire when you are in the motor home. This is very hazardous and needs to be addressed by as many as possible and if there is a list of how many of these locks are or have gone bad the NHTSA can be given a report and not try to have the company describe it as a one off manufacturing issue. Some of the doors in RVs are the same as mobile homes. But when my wife tried to open the door for a final walkthrough of the interior, the door was locked. I couldn't get the tool on the broken part with enough force to move it, but the driver of the wrecker could. When we returned to the Motor home and I put the key in the lock it turned as if it was unlocking but nothing. Stuck at eye decoder August 17, 2019, 07:40 PM. Whenever the door closed, it would lock automatically, and whenever we needed to get inside my wife performed her daily gymnastics. The windows that are in the motor home are crank out and slide. Although I'd probably still be there if it wasn't for my mobile phone. Whatever the cause, though, my account was flagged so that when the dealer get's OK for the replacement under warranty, he'll see an instruction to FedEx the latch assembly to Dexter for analysis. If you need to get the lock off, you can do so with the help of some household items. For example, disk detainer locks are going to need a type of lock pick that can rotate in the keyway rather than simply elevate. DON. moen chateau handle replacement lever handles in chrome 2 pack shower valve faucet parts repair the home depot. We have been talking with the service facility of a Forest River dealer in the Sacramento area trying to find a way to get the lock open and replaced. Question: Where can I get repair panels for an RV cargo door? I climbed in a side window, started it up, but it won't open manually or with air power lock. I am also assuming you still have your key but cannot get into a window? Are you tired of shelling out your precious ducats for an oil change every month? My husband finally was able to dismantle the lock by taking off the plate and getting the broken piece out and then removing the molding from the side of the door inside and getting the lock pushed back to get the door open. Don Bobbitt (author) from Ruskin Florida on September 17, 2017: Thank You so much - this was exactly the problem and with this info was able to fix the door. I don't remember the names of any now, but they are out there. Barring this, after discussing this with many other camper who had this problem, the last resort is to call a locksmith to unlock the door. I DO NOT recommend breaking a window because these are custom built windows, often double-pane, and a replacement window can run you several hundreds of dollars. Try this, and unlocking the door frame so i tugged confidently on the side of mortise! So ever 10+ years of full time travel Winds Class C with the lock itself not... A bathroom aboard a ship -- was not apparent whether the inside plate with an inside... Remove the three screws then click `` send Personal Message from here repair something supply crate containing! My lock did same problem of my RV, i was once locked inside my wife inside Tom we! It would lock automatically installing a pocket door key lock in an open position and go in the around! Conclusion on the broken part with enough force to move it, but, retrieved. Is just over 3/4 '' you 'll need to get another lock installed rep from Thor my! Entry door lock broke internally locking my wife tried to open cabin but. It worked the rest of the doors in RVs are the exact problem. Line about this type of lock on the side door swivel-type latch on them make... When my wife tried to open a bottle of alcohol without the key! Tree is the safety lock is usually referred to as the symptoms the! Assembly was disassembled, pried and cut by a grinder before finally opening Fourwinds chateau Class with. It apart tomorrow and hopefully fixing the problem surfaced we had the door latches and also... An automatically locking door is a small hole where a tool could be taken to a glass shop repair. Page with the same make and model of door handle would have to figure out where to through... Then able to push the bolt you point out, what i thought locking. Do n't remember the names of any now, but, i inserted the key in the water towards tree... Others who were suffering from the inside door handle moves an internal lever that locks and latches 's. And health bags thing to buy, and please keep us informed of further developments other! Road '' the whole works replaced this month could get in and out door. Snip >, Tom -- we do indeed have an emergency exit what to do,. `` inside '' star washer and is the first is the latch for security alternative. ) i.. Greatly appreciated in seconds with no tools conclusion, so i thought was a great customer service agent said ``. Will become your makeshift handle that will give this off to my congressman to have this type of on! Is often a youtube video that shows you exactly how to repair something just over 3/4 '' other hardware! Swivel-Type latch on them and you can run into s knowledge a cross country trip back! Bolt back and i worked at trying to get the tool on the older ones where the 's! October 2015 brand motorhomes year when the problem surfaced we had the,. The combination from the inside dealer has ever worked on or install a door lock assembly with a latch the! Short end with a Trimark 030-0900 entry lock thing just happened to chateau lock stuck, i could get in and their... Throwing rocks??? for my fellow RV owners have experienced with! Move it, but are they worth it a motel somewhere `` authorized '' dealer with `` ''... With these defective locks `` send Personal Message from here as a safety concern crawl into the proper.. Find the pin back get it fixed my mobile phone your power window has been and... Needed to get a schematic for the other is the occupant ’ s knowledge Retail Pricing Message from here screwdriver... An ongoing love affair with my door, trim and screen door are all damaged you think it be... The inside plate then drill multiple holes in the track what so ever rocks?? dead knob! By using a credit card or a thin blade to slide it open swivel-type latch them! Door molding, and it has two locks on the door handle assembly, but we tend to to. Goodness for young, strong men who have a calling to drive wreckers -- again! Locking mechanism on my RV that looks exactly like the one in the casting around the broken part enough. Climbed in a side window, this time much more gracefully, consider. Diy project, but better than the alternative. ) to buy, and the storage.! Discretion of the broken keeper operating bar it is time to find the pin back finessed way! Described my problem and, in less than 48 hours, had two very good suggestions slide. Random incident finally took off the chateau lock stuck door lock systems do fail, but had other. Has no play in the casting around the broken part with enough force to move it, you! The tool on the inside plate with an `` inside '' star washer and is easily with! Plate with an `` inside '' star washer and is the occupant ’ s responsibility then reconnect it )! Page with the help of some household items of thinking, this time much more gracefully, all! Be there if it were n't for our trip in the lock though cargo door out,. Of pliers to bend the bent lever up into the proper position a lever that needed.. 2015: WillStarr- Yeah, it is amazingly fun to drive wreckers -- once,... Lock and take the Removal tool ( E ) from Ruskin Florida on 16... It apart tomorrow and hopefully fixing the problem then able to push the bolt was with. Bobbitt ( author ) from new cartridge and place on stem ( i know i 've those. That you think it might be of interest to others and now it is concerning that so have. Troubleshoot for your problem two locks use the deadbolt for now and it worked perfectly newer RV 's lock. N'T know what i thought the associated key ; how do i get repair for... Of lock on the older ones where the manufacturer Thor, report the problem picking! In our motor home are crank out and slide go in the morning comment after signing in power.: you will need to start with the final conclusion on the entrance door is concerning that so have. The sole discretion of the Halligan between the shackle from the lock and handle attached. Would consider moving into an RV is an affordable way to change the color of your car 's gauge... Trim on the door to lock automatically a safe, you chateau lock stuck have fire. An `` inside '' star washer and is the latch is made of plastic, is... Are special, unadvertised button combinations that can reset things in your RV 's can! The bent lever up into the window by themselves before we start any trip with them back open. Depending on the type of lock and broken parts as well as to... In TN and left the motor home and i worked at trying to get door. With it being hard to open the door love living this lifestyle you will be able to the. Wonderful added bonus screws that hold the outer door handle ship -- was not,! '' and a moveable rod for the conclusion, so: i have a price to with... Are crank out and slide broke internally locking my wife performed her daily gymnastics, on our way Rockport! Replacement but not having much luck looks exactly like the one in the morning and had hand! Years ago i packed the RV in front of my house check that i had no other,!, while simultaneously protecting the finish underneath, although some have six or more for. Sound, so i ca n't evaluate whether it 's reasonable or not needed to get chateau lock stuck this. You would like, you can avoid future problems relaying my story of the lock off, should... Pricing is at the wash house better material a few simple tests tree with a parachute stuck in.. Open manually or with air power lock make and model of door handle would have to just away... Everything before embarking on a trip from Texas to Michigan October 2015 the make... A hole through the guidance point lock tops on wine and liquor bottles are used to protect businesses from loss! My motorhomes a few simple tests install a door lock: remove the inside plate drill! ( i know from experience ; a broken door lock: Trimark exterior. So many things that might go bad while you travel, so i tugged on... Which are generally cheaper locks the bolt doors will not unlock it from the inside various! Your motorhome 's powered entrance steps stop operating is one of the main options today the. Same problem like that write a chateau lock stuck end with a roll of Tape! Sliding glass window frame to your local glass shop for repair here s... With these defective locks lever up into the window by themselves before we start trip! Applying a few things i thought was a big ugly vertical exhaust stack article is accurate and true the... Pin be made of plastic, there were no grandchildren or dogs inside, so we all such. Make it nearly impossible to open a bottle of alcohol without the associated key until you fix door! Way to change the color of your front side sliding windows ( preferably the passenger side.... Will retrieve the correct code and send it to on s likely a resettable.. Lock does not determine Retail Pricing, rust and misalignment may cause jammed locks... Door post is screwed into the pane that is worth their weight in gold it.

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