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Add in the remaining ingredients. Choose white potatoes or sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving side dishes, then think about using the other when you need recipes for a Christmas side dish.No matter which mashed potato recipes you choose, serving them alongside turkey means you are going to … These allow the milk to be absorbed better, giving you smooth mashed potatoes. You can also substitute goat cheese, blue cheese, or Cheddar. Coconut milk--an occasional indulgence because of the saturated fat--contributes rich flavor. Drain and return to the pot. Healthy mashed sweet potatoes. The more waxy kind – like red or white potatoes – will take you longer to mash them and the taste will not be the same. It's a great timesaving set-it-and-forget-it side dish recipe to round out any hearty meal. The potato pancakes require just a few common ingredients and work best with dry mashed potatoes. If you try a recipe and you like it, leave us some feedback in the comment section below, and don’t forget to rate it! How to Make Vegan Mashed Potatoes. And the mashed potatoes are an integral part of the whole meal so they have to be good. Make sure to drain the potatoes well, this will give you creamy mash that’s not watery. Add in the remaining ingredients. Give ordinary mashed potatoes a delicious lift of color and flavor by adding pumpkin. © 2021 is part of the Allrecipes Food Group. Buttermilk makes the mashed potatoes creamy while garlic and shallots add flavor. Here how to make healthy mashed potatoes without the butter for an easy Thanksgiving side dish. Don't let leftover mashed potato go to waste, make one of our comforting recipes. Healthy Mashed Potato Recipes Credit: Ellen Silverman. This fiber and protein-packed recipe is perfect anytime — whether for a big holiday dinner party or a quick weeknight meal. A full month of easy-to-make recipes and helpful meal-prep tips, this healthy meal plan sets you up for weight-loss success. why you’ll love these healthy mashed potatoes. For a pretty presentation, sprinkle with extra scallions. Add or subtract as much garlic as you like to match your personal preference. Whether you are looking for an easy recipe with leftover mashed potatoes or you want to … Fancy up regular mashed potatoes with a layer of mushroom duxelle--a sauté of finely chopped mushrooms and shallots. These Healthy Mashed Potatoes are lighter than traditional mashed potatoes, yet still packed with flavor! In a large pot of boiling water, add potatoes and a pinch of salt. This recipe uses Greek yogurt or light sour cream and skim-milk to give the mash a creamy texture without heaping on the calories. In this healthy mashed potato recipe, we flavor the mashed potatoes with strong-flavored blue cheese and freshly ground black pepper instead of butter. All of your friends and family will rave over this super creamy, super flavorful Thanksgiving garlic mashed potatoe recipe. Celeriac adds a bright celery-like flavor and lightens the texture in this healthy mashed potato casserole. Sweet potatoes—sometimes mistakenly called yams—are a nutritious vegetable with a hallmark bright orange hue. Try a crispy potato cake, turn it into a pie topping or a tasty croquette. And garlic mashed potatoes, whether they are served on Thanksgiving or not, are a delicious, homey side. Running the potatoes through a ricer before mashing will give you that velvety smooth consistency. We omitted the traditional butter in the duxelle and added chard for a nutritional boost. This simple slow-cooker mashed potatoes recipe skips tedious peeling and boiling and helps save precious stovetop space by letting the slow cooker do the work. Substitute the cream for non-fat Greek yogurt and low-fat milk, and most of the butter with olive oil and chicken stock. Skinny mashed potatoes. Whip these up in the instant pot or stovetop. Try them alongside grilled steak or chicken. Before we start serving up the recipes, we'll help you brush up on your potato jargon: Hashed | Whether the spuds are diced or shredded, this approach is all about texture: crisp and golden outside, starchy goodness within. Have your buttermilk and butter at room temperature so they won't cool the potatoes too much when you start mashing. Finally, please use our hashtag #healthyfitnessmeals on INSTAGRAM for a chance to be featured! Find healthy, delicious mashed potato recipes, from the food and nutrition experts at EatingWell. Replacing some of the potatoes with turnips gives this mash a slightly sweet flavor that pairs well with sharp Parmesan. Parsnips add a sweet, nutty flavor to mashed potatoes and provide more B and K vitamins than potatoes alone. You can’t really mash cauliflower like you do potato, you’ll end up with a clumpy mess. In this healthy mashed potato recipe, we flavor the mashed potatoes with an herb-infused olive oil. If you like, serve in mini pumpkins for a special presentation. Sponsored By Swansons. All Right Reserved. You can mix different potatoes for a twist on the texture. Mix in some boiled cauliflower to the mash, it’ll take on the seasonings and blend really well. Bring to a boil over … The post How to Make Healthy Mashed Potatoes Everyone Will Love appeared first on The Healthy. These healthy, delicious sides prove potatoes can be made as a healthy side, and are so easy to make. Regular reduced-sodium chicken broth can be used as a substitute. Let it boil for 12 to 15 minutes until tender. For a pretty presentation, serve garnished with snipped fresh chives. Mashed potatoes have a very clean, simple, taste to them and, therefore, they pair very well with proteins and other foods that are juicy and have a lot of flavor that can be blended into the soft, warm, starch. Cover potatoes and the two cloves garlic generously with cold water in a large saucepan. The mashed potatoes can be in progress while garlic roasts so overall this recipe takes less than 40 minutes. These green–specked mashed potatoes taste great with pan-seared pork chops or chicken. Perfectly seasoned, it’s an easy side dish that’s made for hectic weeknights or holiday dinners. By Melissa Goff. This three-ingredient dish, known as piele in Hawaii, is fabulously simple. Once the time is up, quick release the steam. A rich-tasting mushroom gravy adds old-fashioned comfort. This traditional Scottish recipe makes an excellent breakfast when paired with sausage and bread. 11. These easy-to-make mashed sweet potatoes are a filling, tasty addition to any meal. You’ll need 30-40 minutes to make the roasted garlic and about 20 minutes to make the potatoes. … Taste and adjust the seasonings. You truly can just dump the recipe ingredients and leave it until the cook time is up. Make this classic comfort food side dish in an electric pressure cooker, like the Instant Pot, to get the potatoes soft and tender in a jiff! Drain the liquid, keeping the potatoes into the same pot. I am here to help you prepare delicious, light, fresh meals that your whole family will love! Home » Side Dishes » Healthy Mashed Potatoes. However, you don’t want to cut into overly small pieces so they get melted away in the water during the boiling process. A classic Irish side dish, colcannon is typically a mound of mashed potatoes mixed with crumbled bacon, wilted cabbage and scallions, with a crater full of butter in the middle. Email Series: 5 Secrets to Eating Healthier in 2021. Swanson® Unsalted Chicken Stock is combined with potatoes, low-fat sour cream and a low-sodium ranch mix and topped with turkey bacon. And no one will taste the difference. Using sweet potatoes for this classic side dish adds color to your plate along with a little sweetness and a boost of Vitamin A. Americans might best know them in fries, mashed, or pie form, but the tuber is capable of much more. or as needed to reach your desired consistency. Mashed potatoes can be kind of bland, but these potatoes are really kicked up with some softened onions that get pureed and mixed in with vegetable broth, half and half, butter and eggs to hold it all together. You won't miss any of the flavor in this healthier version of mashed potatoes. Double it: Cook the potatoes in a Dutch oven rather than a large saucepan. We pair the fluffy mash with an umami-rich mushroom gravy for a plant-based comfort food fix. Sweet potatoes are also a smart addition to a healthy diet and add natural sweetness and creaminess to a wide range of breakfast, lunch, and dinner dishes. We skip the heavy cream and butter to cut calories and cut fat and add flavor with garlic and herbs. What's the secret? This colorful twist on traditional mashed potatoes swaps in sweet potatoes and incorporates the flavors of smoked paprika, cayenne, and orange zest. The mash is also seasoned with onion powder, salt, pepper, and herbs. Roast the Garlic Place over high heat and bring to a boil. Instructions Wash the potatoes under cold running water to remove any dirt or contaminants. The addition of delicious sweet potatoes gives a nutrient boost to mashed potatoes. These mini vegetarian shepherd's pies feature lentils, carrot and corn, crowned with a velvety mashed potato topping. These are just a list of ingredients you need to get to make this healthy mashed potato recipe. Healthy Alternatives to Mashed Potatoes | Martha Stewart. Your kids will love this side dish and the best part is you won't have to remind them to eat their vegetables! Place them into a large soup pot and cover with water. These Healthy Mashed Potatoes are lighter than traditional mashed potatoes, yet still packed with flavor! Why not also try my Healthy Mashed Sweet Potatoes and my Easy Tuscan Stuffed Mushrooms! Starchy varieties like Russet or Yukon Gold make for the creamiest, fluffiest, and most flavorful Healthy Mashed Potatoes. Find healthy, delicious mashed potato recipes, from the food and nutrition experts at EatingWell. Once you try these skinny mashed potatoes, you won’t go back. For full measurements scroll further down below. Instant pot mashed potatoes. Try our sweet potato mash, cauliflower and kabocha squash mash, rutabaga and apple mash, and others. In this healthy mashed potato recipe, we use low-fat milk and flavor the mashed potatoes with sharp Cheddar cheese and a little bacon. This healthier and more nutritious take on mashed potatoes … You can use the leftovers to make some scrumptious (and surprising) dishes. All you have to do is then boil and mash. Purple potatoes make a delightful lavender mash, but you can use white potatoes if you prefer. The homemade New Mexican red chile sauce is a good match for the russets, letting just enough of their earthy flavor shine through. Whipped Not Mashed Cauliflower. Seasoning: salt, pepper, garlic, and onion powder. The deep orange color of this mash may make your brain think you’re about to tuck into some whipped squash, but one taste tells you otherwise. Mashed | Fluffy, soft, warmly satisfying: simple and—with endless stir-in and topping possibilities—never dull. Staff Picks Yukon Gold & Sweet Potato Mash Rating: Unrated 13 The addition of delicious sweet potatoes gives a nutrient boost to mashed potatoes. In this healthy mashed potato recipe, we flavor the mashed potatoes with nutty browned butter and tangy buttermilk. For the extra smooth mash, warm the milk before mixing it with the potatoes. Mashed potatoes are best served fresh, their consistency can change if left out and needed to be reheated.If you want to save some time, peel and chop your potatoes in advance. Swap your usual mashed potatoes, made with white potatoes, cream, and butter, for these colorful and healthy recipes that make comforting side dishes. Once boiling, reduce the heat to a simmer and cook until the potatoes are for tender, about 15 minutes. A quick way to use up an abundance of mashed potatoes is to make tattie scones. Pat them dry with a paper towel. Another equally well-paired protein to go with mashed potatoes is chicken. These healthy mashed potatoes with cauliflower taste like normal mashed potatoes, but the nutrition is amped up with cauliflower and beans! These mashed potatoes can be served right away or made up to two days in advance, making your Thanksgiving or any other meal as easy as can be! Garlic mashed potatoes. Russets are our potato of choice for this garlicky mashed potato recipe because they cook up super-fluffy. In this healthy mashed potato recipe, we flavor the mashed potatoes with leeks lightly sautéed in butter and tangy buttermilk. Double it: Cook the potatoes in a Dutch oven rather than a large saucepan. Just use a recipe that contains plenty of fat (like our Day Before Mashed Potatoes) to keep leftover mashed potatoes extra creamy. Think potato pancakes, pierogi, quesadillas, and more. Reduce heat to maintain a gentle simmer and cook until the potatoes are tender when pierced with a fork, 15 to18 minutes. Fresh parsley, chives and thyme give these tangy mashed potatoes beautiful color and great flavor. 680g sweet potatoes ; 680g Yukon gold potatoes ; 125ml milk; 1 garlic clove, grated; 2 tbsp chopped chives ; 1 tsp salt ; ground black pepper ; Method. For a pretty presentation, serve garnished with thinly sliced fresh chives. Garlic cloves, cooked along with the potatoes, give this puree extra body and lots of flavor. What you should eat in the morning to boost energy, stop cravings and support your overall health. In this healthy mashed potato recipe, we flavor the mashed potatoes with sherry-infused roasted mushrooms and tangy buttermilk. Carefully drain the potatoes, keeping them in the same pot. But there isn't one definitive smoothness: … Place potatoes in a large heavy pot and cover with cold salted water. For this seaweed variation, salty, umami-rich dillisk (the Irish name for dulse) take the place of bacon in this healthy side dish recipe. Place them into your instantpot and add in 2 cups of water. Peel and chop the potatoes into big chunks. This boldly-flavored mash combines turnips with potatoes and adds broccoli rabe for a bold splash of color. Serve stoemp just like you would serve regular mashed potatoes.I like to have it with roasted chicken, chicken marsala, sausages, pesto baked salmon or pork chops.. Mashed potatoes is also a classic for many to serve with their roast dinner or holiday meals, and replacing the typical mash with stoemp is a great way to add more vegetables to the meal. These vegan mashed potatoes have plenty of flavor thanks to sweet caramelized onions and the magic of nutritional yeast, which adds rich depth of flavor while keeping these mashed potatoes dairy-free. The recipe can easily be doubled or tripled if you're cooking for a crowd--say for Thanksgiving dinner. Place the pot over high heat and bring to a boil. In this garlic mashed potato recipe, the potatoes are flavored with poached garlic, thinned with chicken stock and enriched with a small amount of sour cream. Serve … Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our, Simple 30-Day Weight-Loss Meal Plan: 1,200 Calories. The secret is to use the cooking liquid to moisten the puree, adding just a small amount of butter or olive oil to provide a luxurious finish. Fluffy, creamy, and delicious, these Healthy Mashed Potatoes pack a lot of flavor without all that butter and cream! When you make healthy mashed potatoes, you don't have to give up the taste and creamy texture you love! This easy, 5-ingredient recipe is perfect for the holidays because it's all done in one pot and doesn't take up any extra oven or stove space. Healthy mashed potatoes are velvety and smooth, creamy and delicious packed with flavour, but with only a fraction of the calories. In this healthy mashed potato recipe, we flavor the mashed potatoes with tangy buttermilk and fresh snipped chives instead of butter. To ensure evenly cooked potatoes, be sure to cut them in similar size cubes. It helps cook the potatoes evenly, the key for creamy mashed potatoes. If you want a lovely smooth and velvety consistency, then yes, it’s best to peel the potatoes. Offers may be subject to change without notice. Serve these bacon-studded chunky mashed potatoes with grilled steak or chicken. Want to sneak in some more veggies but keep that lovely consistency and flavor? The fried shallots are reminiscent of the crispy onions that top a green bean casserole. View Recipe: Buttermilk-Parmesan Mashed Potatoes Mashed potatoes are one of the quintessential comfort foods. Step 1. When using large baking potatoes, cut each potato first horizontally and then vertically, making it 4 chunks is about right. The best thing is that you can make this the day before, put them in a casserole dish … This classic potato side dish is light and satisfying and so easy to make. Look for dried dulse in well-stocked supermarkets. Cutting the potatoes into cubes before steaming means this quick healthy mashed potato recipe is ready in the same time it takes to cook a steak or piece of fish.

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